SCORE Physical Therapy - We Teach You How to Treat Yourself!


At SCORE PHYSICAL THERAPY, rather than simply treat an injury and give you a short-term solution, SCORE PT teaches you about your muscle imbalances and how to treat them yourself. SCORE can teach you skills which you can use for the rest of your life to stay fit and avoid re-injury. SCORE is focused on providing high-quality physical therapy service and customer satisfaction - we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.  
                   Sports Medicine 
                   Low Back Pain
                   Athlete Injuries
                   Running Injuries
                   Foot Pain
                   Spained Ankle Prevention 
                   Patella Tracking 
                   ACL and Meniscus 
                   Headaches/Neck Pain
                   Diaphramatic Breathing 
                   Shoulder Injuries 
                   Rotator cuff 
                   Hip and Groin Injuries
                   Posture Training 
                   Scoliosis Treatment
                   Muscle Imbalances
                   Golf Enhancement Program
                   Core Abdominal Exercises
                   TMJ Dysfunction
                   Clenching and Grinding 
                   Systemic Hypermobitity 
                   Balance Exercises
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